About the Trust

Investment Highlights

Singapore's first certified

Shari'ah compliant REIT

The Manager adheres to guidelines set out by the Independent Shari'ah Committee to ensure that Sabana REIT has adopted a standard of Shari'ah compliance that is generally accepted by the GCC in all aspects of its operations.

Significant portion of assets on

land rent-free sites

Approximately 20.0%1 of the Trust's properties by gross floor area ("GFA") are located on land rent-free sites.

Long weighted average

unexpired lease term

The Trust's portfolio has a long weighted unexpired lease term of close to 32.1 years for the underlying land.


capital structure

The Trust's aggregate leverage is at approximately 33.9%1, well within the aggregate leverage limit of 45% as set out in the Property Funds Appendix of the Code on Collective Investment Schemes issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore ("MAS").