Shari'ah Compliance at GCC(1) Standards

Sabana REIT is the world's first real estate investment trust ("REIT") that has adopted the standard of Shari'ah compliance widely accepted among investors in the GCC States. This means that Sabana REIT derives no more than 5.0% of its gross revenue from lessees and tenants engaging in non-permissible activities under Shari'ah investment principles. Sabana REIT's quarterly non-Shari'ah income has been consistently below 0.1%.

Being Shari'ah compliant by GCC standards, Sabana REIT has been able to tap into more diverse sources of equity funding. Even within the Islamic finance industry, Sabana REIT has been recognised several times as a leader in innovative Islamic financing structures. Nonetheless, Sabana REIT welcomes all investors, regardless of nationality or religion, to participate in its growth.