The Shari'ah Adviser

Sabana REIT has engaged Five Pillars Pte. Ltd. ("Five Pillars"), a Singapore-based Islamic finance advisory firm that specialises in Shari'ah advisory, training and structuring products that are Shari'ah compliant, to act as the Shari'ah Adviser. Five Pillars has been providing Islamic finance consultancy services since its incorporation in 2008.

The Shari'ah Adviser serves as a conduit between the independent Shari'ah Committee and the compliance officer, and will provide advice on, amongst others, the implementation of the Shari'ah guidelines. The Shari'ah Adviser will, on behalf of the Independent Shari'ah Committee, collect, collate and relay all necessary and relevant data from the Manager to the Independent Shari'ah Committee. Representatives from the Shari'ah Adviser may also inspect and verify the properties and activities of Sabana REIT on behalf of the Independent Shari'ah Committee.